Welcome to Compeer of Lebanon County!

At Compeer, we realize how valuable friendship is to people who are in recovery from mental illness. To stay on the road to recovery, a person living with mental illness needs more than traditional therapy can offer. They need the support of a friend, they need a Compeer friend! The simple gift of friendship can restore joy and hope to a person who is often empty of both. Compeer of Lebanon recruits, screens, trains, and matches volunteers in one-to-one friendship relationships with adults who are receiving mental health treatment.


To collaborate with Mental Health Professionals and support agencies by matching caring volunteers and people living with mental illness in one-to-one friendships, so they may attain an improved level of functioning and belonging in the community.


Supportive friendships between caring volunteers and individuals on their path to mental wellness and community involvement.

com-peer' (n.)

1. A person of equal status or rank; a peer. 2. A comrade, companion, or associate.